Adult Orthodontic Treatment

Adult Orthodontic treatment, Orthodontics is not just for children anymore. Creating amazing smiles, and normal bite can be achieved at any age. If you have a healthy bone and gum structure. Presently, about 40% of patients opting for orthodontic treatment are adults. Some of those patients have had orthodontic treatment before, after some time, they stopped using a retainer, so they started having relapse in their teeth (shifting), while most of those patients have never had orthodontic treatment before. All the adult patients that are going for orthodontic treatment will agree, it is never too late to improve “their smile” ,which is their greatest asset.

Going for orthodontic treatment, as an adult can greatly enhance your self-esteem and personal appearance. It is equally important to improve the health of your gums and teeth. Bad bite and crooked teeth can lead to tooth decay, bone and gum loss, and unnatural wear of the surface and enamel of the teeth. Orthodontic treatment, can be very important for adult patients before completing crowns, veneers, or dental implants for them to get long term stability and better esthetics.

There are more orthodontic treatment options for adult patients now than before. The new appliances, and techniques most orthodontists use, reduce the level of discomfort, reduce the frequency of the visit to orthodontist, shorten the duration of treatment, and enables you to choose from a variety of options.



Invisalign is a series of custom-made, removable, and clear aligners that gradually align your teeth. These aligners are worn for twenty-two hours every day; they can only be taken off when you want to brush and eat. Because these aligners are removable, you are free to drink and eat, whatever you desire and floss and brush your teeth normally to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Starting invisalign treatment involves, getting a scan of your teeth using a state of the art iTero scanner, after your scan we can do a simulation of your results. Once the end result is approved by the orthodontist and the patient, aligners will be manufactured according to your specific case. Once aligners are delivered to the patient, you will see your orthodontist every 6-8 weeks to check your progress, and to make sure that you are on the right track

adult orthodontic treatment


Lingual braces are usually positioned behind the teeth and completely invisible. Lingual braces can be used for comprehensive treatment, or minor tooth movement.

Full lower and upper lingual braces such as, incognito or Harmony are the most suitable option for patients that are esthetic conscious, and patients who are not the ideal candidates for invisalign. This is also a better treatment option for adults, that are not comfortable wearing removable aligners, and would prefer fixed appliances.


These are braces that are worn on the front of the teeth. These braces are either clear of metal. The newer metal braces are smaller than they used to be, they are more attractive and more comfortable. Clear braces are made from porcelain, Clear braces are the more esthetic option for adults.



Because adults have stopped growing, some adult patients have orthodontic issues that can’t be treated ideally orthodontic treatment alone. Some of these issues include significant underbite and overjet, facial asymmetry and sever open bites . Those patients benefit most from a combination of orthodontic treatment and orthographic surgery. Orthognathic surgery can involved one or two jaws depending on the complexity of the case. It usually involves resetting the bone and tissue structure to a normal and harmonized position in relation to occlusion and overall facial esthetics.

In the Recent years with the introduction of TADs ( temporary anchorage devices) some patients that can only be treated with the help of orthpgnathic surgery, have the option now to be treated with orthodontics alone, since TADs allowed orthodontist to move teeth in ways that was not possible before and correct certain borderline conditions with orthodontics alone.


Many adults have the question of , how long will my treatment last. Treatment time varies from one patient to another. It can be as short as 6 months or less, to it can be the average 18-24 months. There are some ways to accelerate treatment such as MOPs( micro osteoperforations) using a small screw to create small holes in the bone to stimulate tooth movement. Another less invasive way to use vibrations to stimulate tooth movement, one example would be using acceledent, which is an appliance worn by patients everyday for 20-30 minutes.

Regardless of the treatment options, orthodontic treatment in adult patients is very rewarding to the patients. Most patients would say , I wish I have done it sooner. So it’s never to late to have straight teeth and an amazing smile.

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