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Starting little shifts today goes a long way.
  • Clear
  • Removable
  • Super comfortable
  • Customized just for your child
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Starting little shifts today goes a long way

As your child grows, their smile grows with them. And even with baby teeth, it may be the perfect time for children ages 6 to 10 to start orthodontic treatment. This is known as Phase 1 treatment. The american association of orthodontists recommends the first child check up by an orthodontist at age 7 years, unless your dentists sees an issues that needs to be addressed at an earlier age, such as severe thumb sucking or severe underbite.
At this stage Dr. Othman can see issues that may need early treatment to address a developing problem.

Advantages of Phase 1 treatment

  • Can prevent pre-existing bite issues from getting worse
  • Can fix existing teeth alignment and guide the correct eruption of permanent teeth
  • Can improve the appearance of a growing child’s smile boosting self confidence
  • Can correct oral habits such as thumb sucking or tongue thrusting
  • Can make Phase 2 treatment shorter, easier, and more stable.

Is Invisalign first the right option for you child?

  • No food restrictions
  • No change to hygiene routine
  • Made for most types of smiles
  • Proven smile-changing power

Is Invisalign first the right option for you child?

  • A simple start.
  • Invisalign® First treatment starts with a simple scan or impressions. From there, every step of your child’s plan is digitally plotted, so you know what to expect

  • A happier experience.
  • Removable aligners mean there’s little interruption to your child’s life and the foods they love. Plus, the aligners are specifically designed to fit smaller teeth and with space to accommodate teeth that are growing in.

  • A bigger smile.
  • As they progress through their treatment, you’ll see
    their smile transform through a series of small, expertly designed shifts calculated for how little teeth should move.

Turn their little smile into a big, beautiful one.
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